FM Series

Fixed Quantity Count /External Configuration Type Screw Feeder

Accurately feeds a set number of screws


Supported Screw diameter (mm) Main Component Type Swap Rail Set Type
FM Series FME Series FM/FME
3.0 FM-3630 FME-3630 FR30SET
3.5 FM-3635 FME-3635 FR35SET
4.0 FM-3640 FME-3640 FR40SET
5.0 FM-3650 FME-3650 FR50SET
6.0 FM-3660 FME-3660 FR60SET


Model Name FM-36 FME-36
Exterior Dimensions 130(W)x254(D)x201(H)
Volume (including the rail) Approx. 6.0kgf
Power AC100V – 240V DC15V 1A AC adapter
Drive Motor DC Brush motor
Overload protection/ recovery circuit o o
External Signal Line o o
Brush-overload protection mechanism o o
Number of Configuration Maximum of 99 Maximum of 127
Supported Screw Diameter M3.0 – M6.0
Supported screw under-head length Up to 25mm in length
Screw capacity Approx. 150cc
Accessories and bundled items Instruction Manual, AC adapter, hex wrench, adjusting screwdriver, earth wire
Extension box exterior dimensions 155(W)x113(D)x44(H)
Extension box power supply AC100V – 240V DC24V 1.9A AC adapter