Glass Cleaners / Adhesives

Eco-Shine™ Glass & Surface Cleaner • Streak-free
• Nonflammable
• Non-ammoniated – safe on sensitive surfaces
• Low VOC, no GWP
• Non-ozone depleting
• NSF registered K1, K2
Eco-friendly, nonflammable, streak-free glass cleaner
Cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, tile, plastic, ceramic and enamel and leaves a streak-free finish.
1505-QT 1 qt. (0.95L) w/ trigger sprayer
1505-G 1 gal. (3.8L) jug

Glass Cleaner • Foaming action
• Streak-free
• Safe on glass & plastics
• Nonflammable
Foaming aerosol glass and surface cleaner
1625-18S 18 oz. (510g) aerosol
Specifications: GM H1018, Ford Tox #142432

Roller Rejuvenator & Platen Cleaner • Improves roller grip
• Natural citrus-based solvent
• Safe on most plastics
Rubber roller cleaner and rejuvenator
Citrus-based solvent designed to clean and revitalize rubber rollers and platens. Improves rubber roller grip and reduces misfeeds and jams.
1612-2SQ 2 oz. (59ml) bottle
Specifications: Ford Tox #142415
Note: Not available in California



Label & Adhesive Remover • Removes labels and adhesive without scraping
• Penetrates rapidly
• Citrus-based solvent
• Safe on most plastics
Fast acting, citrus-based label and adhesive remover
Citrus-based solvent safely and effectively removes labels and adhesive gums off equipment and products. Penetrates quickly and allows label to be peeled off without gummy residue.
1613-6S 4.5 oz. (128g) aerosol
Note: Not available in California



Adhesives         • High strength
• Fast tacking
• Water resistant
• Non-wrinkling
Low soak-in adhesive exhibits particular strength when bonding surfaces such as dry wall, brick and concrete block. Heavy Duty Adhesive will also work on surfaces such as paper, plastic, foam, wood and other fabrics. Excellent for both temporary and permanent bonds.
Heavy-Duty Adhesive
3500-11S 12 oz. (340g) aerosol
Economy Adhesive
3505-11S 12 oz. (340g) aerosol
Contact Adhesive
3510-12S 12 oz. (340g) aerosol