high frequency model

Eliminating static at the wafer          Elimination of static from electronic components

Pinpoint ionizing of precision parts that are being fed by a parts feeder or similar device

Elimination of static (and dust) from the inside of containers with a small diameter

Power and Signal cable (attached with ZappII)



Model Zapp
Input power supply DC+24 V ±10%
Electric consumption 2.4 VA
Air pressure *1 Please check with below sheet
Airflow supply 30 ℓ / min to 160 ℓ/min
Ozone density 0.05ppm or less (air pressure input: 0.02 MPa, distance 300mm)
Guaranteed operating temperature (stored at -10℃ to 60℃)
Guaranteed operating humidity From 65% or less with no condensation (stored at -90% or less with no condensation)
Main unit dimensions 87×18×50mm (W×H×D) not including protruding portion
Weight 78g
Accompanying items Power supply cable (2.5m)
*1: The available air pressure range is different for each nozzle, please check with below sheet.


Dimensional Diagram














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