Quality assurance and manual tightening

With increasing focus on quality, suing sophisticated tools to tighten bolts is simply not enough. It is also important to monitor the tool performance and this where the Atlas Copco STa 6000 comes in. The portable STa 6000 can be used to check tool performance, repeatability and accuracy for all types of power tools and torque wrenches. Reduced weight and compact design make the STa 6000 easy to carry along the line. Checking tools in the Tool Crib and on the line and checking tightened joints means quality guaranteed.



  • Quick programming without PC
Model Ordering Number
STa 6000 data analyzer 8059 0956 60
STa 6000 Plus data analyzer 8059 0956 61
RBU QC for STa 6000 8059 0956 62
RBU AA for STa 6000 8059 0956 63
RBU QC API for STa 6000 8059 0956 68
RBU AA API for STa 6000 8059 0956 69
STa 6000 rubber protection 8059 0956 76
STa 6000 stand 8059 0956 73
STa 6000 USB/Serial Adapter 8059 0956 74
Battery pack 8059 0955 61
Battery adapter 8059 0955 75
Battery charger 8059 0930 88
STa power supply a 4612 0300 21
IRC-B Module 8059 0920 10
IRC-W Module 8059 0920 15
BarCode Module 8059 0920 12
ACTA RS232 cable 3 m 4222 0546 03
ACTA RS232 cable 5 m 4222 0546 05
a STa 6000 is provided with the power supply (Ordering No. 4612 0300 21) in the box. Battery has to be ordered separately.
  • Color display features and intuitive icons menu
  • Configurable information on display
  • PF and PM auto calibration
  • X/R charts on display
  • Wireless communication


  • Unique device for complete quality process improvement
  • Excellent operator ergonomics
  • Modularity: buy what you need
  • Extremely fast calibration setup
  • Unmatched transducer range connectivity capability



Model Ordering Number
1 user license 8059 0981 10
5 user licenses 8059 0981 11
10 user licenses 8059 0981 12
Plant license 8059 0981 13


Model Ordering Number
IRC-Connect Wi-Fi (a.d-hoc) 8059 0956 80
IRC-Connect Bluetooth 8059 0956 81



Functionality Overview


STa 6000 BASIC

BASIC is the perfect solution for simple

and quick tests.


STa 6000 QC

QC version for operators requiring a

complete testing solution.


STa 6000 AA

AA version is the recommended solution

for Advanced Analysis.


Number of Channel 1 1 1
Torque yes yes yes
Angle (Encoder or Gyroscope) yes yes yes
MRTT-C connection for joint checks yes yes yes
Size in mm 110x200x45
Weight [grams] <= 500
Colour Display yes yes yes
Keyboard yes yes yes
Results Storage 50000 50000 50000
Traces storage 50000 50000 50000
RBU – Rapid Backup Unit no yes yes
Direct Power Supply (slow charger 6H) yes yes yes
RJ45 (Ethernet) yes yes yes
USB yes yes yes
Non-Atlas Copco analog transducer connection yes yes yes
Languages yes yes yes
Multi-units yes yes yes
Pset 1 (not saved) 1000 1000
Batch Count yes yes yes
CW/CCW yes yes yes
Database – Tool no 1000 1000
Quick Programming yes yes yes
Power Focus and Power Macs calibration no yes yes
Traces on display no yes yes
Advanced analysis graphs on display no no yes
Custom measurement screen no yes yes
Wi-Fi print yes (with IRC-W module)
Ethernet print yes yes yes
Tool Check
Wrench testing yes yes yes
Power tool testing yes yes yes
Pulse Tool testing yes yes yes
Min, Max, Med, Sigma statistics yes yes yes
Cm/Cmk no yes yes
SPC no yes yes
Joint Check
Yield point yes yes yes
Residual Torque/Time yes yes yes
Residual Torque/Angle yes yes yes
Residual Torque/Peak yes yes yes
Loose and Tight yes yes yes
ToolsTalk BLM to view/export results and traces via Wi-Fi (with IRC-W), USB/RJ45 yes yes yes
ToolsTalk BLM to program test strategies via Wi-Fi (with IRC-W), USB/RJ45 no yes yes
Torque Supervisor via Wi-Fi (with IRC-W), USB/RJ45 no yes yes
API via Wi-Fi (with IRC-W), USB/RJ45 no yes (with API RBU)


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