Rapid Screw Feeder (RSF)

Rapid screw feeder is an automated PC/PLC controlled equipment that always have a piece of screw ready to be pickup by the side of the vacuum nozzle. Popularly known as RSF, this 99.9% yield feeder consistently feeding a screw to side of the mouth piece, hence immediately supplies a screw to the vacuum nozzle the moment the screw driver is travelling to the next tightening point.


  •  Compatible with Janome Robot; JR Series, JC Series and JS Series
  •  Combination of blow feed + vacuum pickup sequence
  •  Adjustable push force to minimize hard-impact of screw bit with screws/products
    -Applicable  screw size
    -Length/Head Ø ratio of 1.5:1 to 3:1
  •  Machine screw or self tapping screw


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