Screw Feeder Type – MK-3110V

Features Ideal for Sems & double sems screws
Applicable screws small screws, tapping screws, sems screws, double sems screws & wooden screws
Screw size Shank dia(d): 2.5 to 8mm, nominal length (l): 5 to 50mm
Screw feeding capacity 5 to 150 pcs/ min. (subject to screw spec.)
Hopper capacity 1500cc
Feeding methods Scoop-up with vibrating blades Horizontal Chute Methods
Screw detector on chute Photo Electric Tube (photo sensor) detects a certain quantity of screws on the chute and stop feeding another screw to the chute in order to prevent the screws from overflowing
Pneumatic supply, connection & consumption 0.4 to 0.5 Mpa

1/4B max. 50 liters/ min (free air quantity)

Input voltage 100 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz, 40 VA

local voltages such as 200V, 220V, 230V are available

Dimensions (without boss) 251mm (W) x 528mm (D) x 395mm (H)
Mass Approx. 28kg
Others Electrical & Pneumatic control units are installed



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