SJ series (10/10K/50)


Measuring joint of electric screwdriver

Conventional type coil spring compression method

No decomposition of joint due to excessive return with unique structure!
The SJ Joint is a conventional coil spring compression method and can be used same as conventional management method.

  • Enable to mount bits can be installed according to the driver’s model
  • By installing hexagonal stat, enable to measure as the bit is attached
    ※For details of the attached bit shape, please contact us.
Specification SJ-10 SJ-10K SJ-50
Measurement range/Nm 1 5
External dimensions Bit fitting part Hexagon opposite side 5 mm Hexagon opposite side 6 mm
Outside diameter / height φ17/45(uncompressed) φ20/50(uncompressed) φ20/42(uncompressed)
Mounting part 20corners×5(t)
Attached tester CD-10M CD-100M


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