The Atlas Copco linear arms are built to handle the most demanding industrial situations. The robust design offers unmatched user friendliness and, due to the swivel function, a wide working area is covered with the SMS T-series.

The swivel arms are equipped with ball bearings for smooth operation, and an adjustable plate for maximum adjustment of minimum and maximum working area. The swivel arms have a balancer included that will absorb the weight of the arm and tool combination to reduce the weight for the operator. The arms minimize reaction force of the tool to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders. With minimized reaction force of the tool, finished product quality is also higher since there is no movement of the tool and all torque is absorbed in the joint.

l Robust construction for long life and no force transferred to operator.

l Balancer included to remove the tool and arm weight from the operator.

l Available from 5 Nm up to 100 Nm.

l Minimizes reaction force to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders.

l Improves finished product quality with all torque absorbed in the joint and no movement of the tool.


Model Max Tool Weight Max Torque D
Swivel rods width without tool holder
Max reach without tool holder
Vertical Stroke











Tool Holder Interface Type Ordering No.
kg lb Nm ft lb mm mm mm mm mm
SMS T-5 0.8 1.7 5 3.7 292 582 270 732 248 A 4390 2006 00
SMS T-12 1.5 3.3 12 8.8 342 682 425 888 298 A 4390 2007 00
SMS T-25 2.5 5.5 25 18.4 392 732 580 1132 296 A 4390 2008 00
SMS T-50 5 11 50 36.9 437 825 520 1147 336 B 4390 2009 00
SMS T-100 6 13.2 100 73.8 487 930 500 1147 391 B 4390 2010 00

Tool holder is ordered separately. Choose the appropriate balancer depending on tool weight. Order the balancer kit for easy and fast assembly.

NOTE: A: 17 mm square interface, B: 32 mm square interface. For SMC 200 the tool holders connect directly to the clevis of the arm.


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