Water-Based Defluxers (HIGH PERFORMANCE ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANERS) – Stencil Cleaners


Stencil Cleaners

Eco-Stencil UM Manual & Under Stencil Cleaner
• Quickly clean paste or uncured adhesive
• Safe for stencils, tools, misprinted boards
• Non-flammable
• Low VOC, zero GWP
Manual & Under Stencil Cleaner
• Manual stencil tool, work surface, and squeegee cleaning
• Automatic underside wipe stencil cleaning
• Batch ultrasonic cleaning
• Removes unsoldered leaded & lead-free solder pastes
• Cleans off uncured adhesives
1570-100DSP 100 count pre-saturated wipes, 6″x8” (15cm x 20cm)
1570-QT 1qt. (0.95L) w/ trigger sprayer
1570-G 1 gal. (3.8L) bottle
1570-54G 54 gal. (205L) drum


Eco-Stencil RF • Non-flammable
• Rinse-free
• Drop-in replacement for IPA
• Effective at ambient temperature
• Low VOC, zero GWP
• Highly concentrated – 20% dilution
Rinse-Free Batch Stencil Cleaner
1571-G 1 gal. (3.8L) bottle
1571-5G 5 gal. (19L) container


SMT Equipment Maintenance


Eco-Oven • Quickly clean flux residue from oven & wave fingers
• Safe on warm ovens
• Non-flammable
• Low VOC, zero GWP
Reflow Oven, Wave Finger & Pallet Cleaner
• Removal of baked-on flux residues from SMT oven and wave equipment
• Maintenance cleaning for heat exchange systems
(NOTE: rinse thoroughly from aluminum and copper)
• Finger cleaning in wave solder equipment
• Remove accumulated flux from wave solder pallets
1573-QT 1 qt. (0.95L) w/ trigger sprayer
1573-G 1 gal. (3.8L) bottle
1573-5G 5 gal. (19L) container