Static Eliminator Blowers

High frequency type


Model BF-XZB
Input power supply 24 VDC (AC adaptor AC100~240V available)
Capacity 7.2 VA
Output voltage 2.5 kVAC
Ion balance ±10 V or less (Distance at 300mm)
Airflow 1.0~1.7 m3 / min
Air Speed 1.6~2.4 m/sec (with Straight Louver at 300mm)
0.7~1.3 m/sec (with Wide angle Louver at 300mm)
Ozone density 0.04 ppm or less (Distance at 150mm)
Operating Environment 0 to 40℃ / 15 to 65% RH (no condensation)
Main unit dimensions 104×126×50 mm (W×H×D) only body size
Weight 460 g (with Bracket)
Noise level 60 dB (A) (at 1m distance)
Indication Green: Normal condition (H.V), Red: HV Abnormal (ALARM)
Alarm functions Normal: ON, Abnormal (HV alarm with Red LED light): OFF MOS FET Relay, Normally Closed contact.
Maximum current: 100mA, Voltage: Below 30VDC.
Accessories Manual, AC Adaptor, Signal output cable(2m), Wide angle louver, Cleaning Brush.
Optional Parts Discharge Emitter unit: DNU-W60
Filter (10pcs) (OBF-FZA-1-10)


Dimensional Diagram


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