ZappII controller OZII-CB


high frequency model


Model OZ -CB OZ -CB-TV6
Available model ZappⅡ, ZappⅡ-H
Power Voltage DC24V (with AC adaptor AC100~240V)
Electric consumption 0.3A
Indication Green: Normal, Red: Abnormal
Alarm output MOS FET Relay, Normally Closed contact (NC)
Maximum current: 100mA, Voltage: Below 30VDC
Input signal from outside Input terminal (DC24V OUT, INPUT, 0V)
ZappⅡ start to work: Short INPUT and 0V or supply 0~3Volt to INPUT ZappⅡ stop to work: Open INPUT and 0V or supply 5~24Volt to INPUT
Supplied Air Clean Dried Air
Available air pressure 0.05 ~ 0.6MPa
Air pressure control —- With air throttle valve
Maximum air consumption 450ℓ/min (ANR) only Contoller 240ℓ/min (ANR) only Contoller
Air output control CONT: Continuously blow, PULSE Hi: High Pulse blow(10Hz), PULSE Lo: Low Pulse blow(5Hz) *3
Guaranteed operating temperature 0 to 40 ℃  
Guaranteed operating humidity 85%RH or less with no condensation
Main unit dimensions 135×50×75mm (W×H×D) only body size
Weight Approx 580g
Accompanying items AC adaptor, connecting cable with ZappⅡ, grounding cable, Air tubing (Φ6mm x 2m), Operation manual, Contact pin(5pcs).
*3: The life time of electric valve in the controller is below 50 million times.


Dimensional Diagram




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