A customised software that links Smart driver with PC for data logging.

QUBE MultiAPPs Controller

QUBE, a powerful communication box that links up tools, robot and accessories, giving it a total control over how you wish to control your automation.

A standard communication software, Q-LINK, allows you to control your system via PC. At the same time, is able to link to your MES system, allowing engineers to have an ‘ERROR FREE’ products during assembly.

QUBE MultiAPPs Controller

Controlling fixture or other mechanical/electrical system is as simple as ABC. You do not need to understand LADDER PROGRAM to configure your systems’ movement.

Just a simple logic understanding of the system and you will be able to program anything you want.

Hardware Features:

  • AC Input : 110 ~ 240V ± 15%
  • DC Output : 24 V @ 2A
  • Ethernet remote IO
  • 8 Digital Input channels
  • 4 Digital Output channels
  • 4Digital IO – configurable

Software Features:

  •  PC base software
  •  Simple logic programming function
  •  User definable I/O – 8DI 8DO
  •  Start/Ends elapse time recording
  •  Barcode scanning
  •  Visual Aid functions
  •  Multi-level login access

Rapid Screw Feeder

Rapid screw feeder is an automated PC/PLC controlled equipment that always have a piece of screw ready to be pickup by the side of the vacuum nozzle. Popularly known as RSF, this 99.9% yield feeder consistently feeding a screw to side of the mouth piece, hence immediately supplies a screw to the vacuum nozzle the moment the screw driver is travelling to the next tightening point.

Vacuum Pickup Adapter

Compact vacuum pickup adapter ideal for screws that are located at narrow path between high components. Customized nozzle design allows near perfect screw pickup reducing screw wobbling prior to tightening; hence eliminating common tightening error such as tilted screw, cross thread and floating screw.

Pistol Gripper

Vertical tightening can be easily replaced with a pistol attachment for horizontal tightening. This easy-to-attach gripper comes in two sizes; namely SMALL size for female workers or LARGE size for male worker.

Rapid Screw Dispenser

Rapid screw dispenser is an automated PC/PLC controlled equipment that continuously dispense screw to a dedicated location. Popularly known as RSD, this 99.9% yield dispenser consistently dispense a screw at a time to either our dispenser family; that is RSF (Rapid Screw Feeder) or DSF (Direct Screw Feeder).

Quater HEX Offset Gear

Lowest friction Offset Gear with 1/4 Hex in and 1/4 HEX out. Light weight with an offset distance of 56mm, ideal for tightening of under-cut screw. Tool comes with holding bracket with multi angle orientation.

Different offset distance can be tailored made according to customer’s requirement.

Direct Screw Feeder

Direct screw feeder is an automated PC/PLC controlled equipment that always have a piece of screw ready at mouthpiece jaw.

Popularly known as DSF, this 99% yield feeder consistently feeding a screw to the mouthpiece jaw, waiting to be tighten onto the product. Screw is immediately supplied to the jaw during travelling to the next tightening point reducing total cycle time.

Adopting this system, travelling time to and fro the screw pickup point is drastically reduced..

Automatic Screw Feeder

QUICHER alone can cope with various types of screws. It is an automatic screw feeder with the world’s first replaceable rail. It takes only 5 seconds to replace the rail. Besides, the standard screw driver bits in the market can be used.

The horizontal screw carrying system ensures stable screw feeding. It also copes with screws that is with washer as well as special screws too.

With QUICHER, it is easy to rearrange the production line to meet the change of screw diameter and form. It also helps you to improve the quality and productivity.