Electrostatic Discharge

Static Blower BF-2ZC

When an ionizer is used continuously, the area around the emitter needles that are generating ions becomes dirty, causing a drop in the effectiveness of the static elimination process. In order to maintain effective static elimination, periodic cleaning of the emitter needles is essential. BF-2ZC was developed, a proprietary automatic emitter needle cleaning function to solve this troublesome problem.

  • An automatic emitter needle cleaning function is built in to automatically perform periodic cleaning of the emitter needles (once every 24 hours).
  • The BF-2ZC features a built-in ion balance indicator to enable confirmation at any time of the correct balance between the positive and negative ions, as well as dramatically improved efficiency in maintenance and static elimination.


High frequency air ionizer with pulse dust removal and ion static elimination.

The PIEZONIZER AGZII- PA is a compact and lightweight air gun type ionizer that eliminates static electricity from charged objects as well as a wave motion nozzle feature to powerfully blow away dust attached by static electricity with pulses of air.

  • Fits well into the operator’s hand and, at a lightweight 330g, greatly increases work efficiency.
  • Wave motion nozzle powerfully blows away dust with pulses of air.
  • High frequency AC method increases static elimination and achieves a good ion balance.
  • Accompanying cable uses a robot cable and is very flexible.
  • High voltage power supply and air valve are attached to the main unit so there is no need for a separate controller