Laser Soldering Automation

Laser Soldering makes possible soldering automation where previously not practical.

Technology is evolving quickly. Mainstream is no longer applicable as evidenced by the emergence of ultra-fine electronic circuit boards and multi-layered electrical components.

Laser soldering makes possible ultra-fine area and other types of soldering that are difficult using tip soldering.

Features include:

  • Visible shooting position
  • Coaxial CCD camera
  • Software controlled shutter

QUBE Control

Controlling fixture or other mechanical/electrical system is as simple as ABC. You do not need to understand LADDER PROGRAM to configure your systems’ movement.

Just a simple logic understanding of the system and you will be able to program anything you want.

User has the options to either select 8IOs, 16IOs or even 24IOs…

Software Features:

  •  PC base software
  •  Simple logic programming function
  •  User definable I/O – 8DI 8DO
  •  Start/Ends elapse time recording
  •  Barcode scanning
  •  Visual Aid functions
  •  Multi-level login access

Hardware Features:

  • AC Input : 110 ~ 240V ± 15%
  • DC Output : 24 V @ 2A
  • Ethernet remote IO
  • 8 Digital Input channels
  • 4 Digital Output channels
  • 4Digital IO – configurable

QUBE MultiAPPs Controller

QUBE, a powerful communication box that links up tools, robot and accessories, giving it a total control over how you wish to control your automation.

A standard communication software, Q-LINK, allows you to control your system via PC. At the same time, is able to link to your MES system, allowing engineers to have an ‘ERROR FREE’ products during assembly.

JU Desktop Soldering Robot

HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLDERING ROBOT : UNIX-R modesl that achieves fast, precise, and high-quality soldering operation.

Offering slim types that allows customers to choose the best robot to fit their objectives. Comes with a clean cut feeder and lock-on mechanism, which are the most popular add-ons, for higher precise works. These models are excellent for durability and repeat-ability.


  • Reduce cycle time by approximately 15%
  • Solder wire feeding precision – resolution of 0.072mm/pulse (for φ0.5-1.5mm wire)
  • Clean cut feeder – reduces flux splatter and solder balls
  • Slim and compact
  • Solder feeder with 5 stepping motor
  • Improve detection sensor of solder shortage and jammed
  • Lock on mechanism – Ensures steady feeding position and prevents slippage

Auto Screw Tightening – Model JR2303N

The most commonly use 3-Axis ‘STANDARD CUSTOMIZED’ desktop robot currently introduced in the market.

  • Customized tightening program to synchronize with MICROTORQUE screw driver
  • Working area: 300 mm × 300 mm X 100 mm
  • High load capacity (11 kg) for wider range product coverage
  • 255 programs memories; 30,000 points storage capacity
  • High repeat-ability accuracy of up-to 0.01mm

Basic capabilities include:

  • Able to avoid missing screw problem
  • Multiple torque force in a product
  • Able to eliminate loose screw; aka floating screw
  • Able to capture tightening condition of every screws
  • Continuous screw feeding
  • Programmable IO for fixture integration
  • Vacuum pickup sensor to avoid screw drop-off
  • External Switch Box

Common features include:

  • Large LCD screen teaching pendant – User friendly point teaching application
  • Multilingual support – Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Italian
  • Main robot with highly rigid structure with dust and debris proof design
  • Stepper motor with driver circuit for accurate movement
  • MicroTorque screw driver with G4 controller, smart and intelligent programmable screw driver
  • Window base software for screw tightening strategy programming
  • NSRI screw dispenser equipped with photoelectric sensor to assure continuous screw feeding

JR2000N Series Desktop Robot

In addition to the simple teaching system, JANOME has created a customizing function which allows the user to create their own original programs. A broad interface makes it easy to use many applications such as:

  • Dispensing
  • Screw Fastening
  • Soldering
  • CCD Camera & Height Sensor
  • Board Cutting

An optional operation box with Starts and Emergency switches makes the robot compliance to CE standard.

High precision:

  • High Rigid Structure – A solid aluminum alloy die cast is employed on the base and an aluminum alloy extrusion with a high rigid section is employed on the column
  • Labyrinth Mechanism – A special labyrinth mechanism underneath the work table prevents foreign objects from dropping in
  • Smooth Movement – Smooth movement is attained with the micro-step control system
  • Flexible Interface – RS-232C port for PC, RS442 port for TPU and 16 Output and 16 Input IO Port

High precision:

  • Clear Wide Screen – Wide and easily viewable teaching pendant screen
  • Simple Teaching – Using JR C-Points software, user can teach data easily. User can create their own original software as well
  • Enhanced Memory Capacity – Up to 255 programs with 30,000 points can be stored as teaching data
  • Simnple Sequencer – The robot has a built-in simple sequencer which function independantly

In-line Rotary Torque & Angle Transducer – MT-TRA

TAMS Auto Fastening :

Coming soon