ETF M with G4

MicroTorque Screwdrivers – ETF Series

MicroTorque ETF screwdrivers is the latest total solution for micro torque fastening. The ultra low torque applications secure your small screw joints from 0.5 Ncm.

With the compact controller , it is the smallest on the market, yet delivers total control over driver performance.

  • User dialogue via Jog Dial and Matrix LCD or PC Software¬†ToolsTalk
  • Screw tightening procedure defined over max. 8 freely programmable steps with different Step types (Simple Step, Angle Step. Torque Step)
  • 64¬†programs stored in the controller
  • USB-Port for fast data transmission
  • 3 RS232-C interfaces
  • 12 PLC inputs, 8 PLC outputs with photocoupler isolation
  • Transducer input – optional
Lew YYMicroTorque Screwdrivers – ETF Series