Ultra small size high frequency air ionizer comes with a wide variety of nozzle applications, easy maintenance and cleaning check LED. A high volume air flow of 350 liters/min at 5 bar compressed dried air pressure is available with insulated casing forapplocation that has limited grounding.

Product features:

  • Highly reliable air joint with increased ozone resistance.
  • Maintains safety, newly-designed transformer box stops high voltage output when the emitter needle is being cleaned or changed.
  • Better ozone resistant nozzles, a wide range of nozzle applications for better ozone resistance.
  • Easy maintenance as the emitter needle can be easily removed and replaced through the back part of the transformer making for easy cleaning and replacement of the emitter needle.
  • High voltage stop alarm, an alarm warning and two no voltage relays (normal open and normal close) indicate when there is a high voltage stoppage.
  • Cleaning check [C.C] LED and a normal open no voltage relay warn of abnormal discharges from the emitter needle.