JU Desktop Soldering Robot

HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLDERING ROBOT : UNIX-R modesl that achieves fast, precise, and high-quality soldering operation.

Offering slim types that allows customers to choose the best robot to fit their objectives. Comes with a clean cut feeder and lock-on mechanism, which are the most popular add-ons, for higher precise works. These models are excellent for durability and repeat-ability.


  • Reduce cycle time by approximately 15%
  • Solder wire feeding precision – resolution of 0.072mm/pulse (for φ0.5-1.5mm wire)
  • Clean cut feeder – reduces flux splatter and solder balls
  • Slim and compact
  • Solder feeder with 5 stepping motor
  • Improve detection sensor of solder shortage and jammed
  • Lock on mechanism – Ensures steady feeding position and prevents slippage
Lew YYJU Desktop Soldering Robot