Antistatic Table Mat

  1. Retain equipotential between sensitive device or human bodies or human bodies and mat.
  2. Offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents.
  3. Useful for semiconductor, computer & electronic part factories, electronic exchange or OA machinery rooms, and chemical laboratories.
  4. Both of Matte finish and Glaze type are available.
  5. Ground cord and snaps are operational.


Size (T * W * L):  2mm*1m*10m  2mm*1.2m*10m
Resistance: Front :108 ~ 1010, Back: 105 ~ 106   
Carton Dimension:  16cm*16cm*1m 16cm*16cm*1.2m    
G.W/N. W:  27 Kg 31 Kg   
Color:   Dark green and light green 
Shine or not Shine
Model:  ESD Table Mat 404

Sticky Mat for Cleanroom



Multi-layer dust-sticking floor mat can effectively remove the dust carried by wheels and shoes, easy to keep clean. When the surface layer gets dirty, you can tear it and use the next new layer.



Each dust-sticking mat consists of several layers of PVC, each layer is attached with high-viscosity coating layer, smooth and durable.

Crack elongation coefficient:  >250%
Paste strength: 300-1000g/25mm
Bottom Adhesive Strength: 500-1000g/25mm


3 Size can offer (30 layers per sheet, 10 sheets per box):
18″*36″     45*90cm
24″*36″    60*90cm
26″*45″    66*115cm






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