OM-26M / OM-26R Series

High-Speed and High-Capacity Iron-Screw Feeder

High-capacity model: 300cc (only supports iron screws)



Supported Screw Diameter (mm) Main Component Type Swap Rail Set Type
OM-26M Series OM-26R Series OM-26RB Series OM-26M Series OM-26R Series OM-26RB Series
2.0 OM-26M20 OM-26R20 OM-26RB20 OMM20SET OMR20SET OMR20SET2
2.3 OM-26M23 OM-26R23 OM-26RB23 OMM23SET OMR23SET OMR23SET2
2.6 OM-26M26 OM-26R26 OM-26RB26 OMM26SET OMR26SET OMR26SET2
3.0 OM-26M30 OM-26R30 OM-26RB30 OMM30SET OMR30SET OMR30SET2
3.5 OM-26M35 OM-26R35 OM-26RB35 OMM35SET OMR35SET OMR35SET2
4.0 OM-26M40 OM-26R40 OM-26RB40 OMM40SET OMR40SET OMR40SET2
5.0 OM-26M50 OM-26R50 OM-26RB50 OMM50SET OMR50SET OMR50SET2
6.0 OM-26M60 OM-26R60 OM-26RB60 OMM60SET OMR60SET OMR60SET2



Model Name OM-26M OM-26R OM-26RB
Exterior Dimensions 119(W)x226(D)x152(H)
Volume (including the rail) Approx. 3.1kgf
Power AC100V – 240V DC15V 1A AC adapter
Drive Motor DC brush motor, stepper motor DC brushless motor, stepper motor
Overload protection/recovery circuit o o o
External Signal line o o o
External Signal line (remaining quantity sensor) Optional
Escaper S-shape controlling function o o o
Escaper rotation time lag adjustment function o
Yield time Approx. 0.8sec
Supported screw materials Iron-only
Supported screw diameter M2.0 – M6.0
Supported screw under-head length Up to 25mm in length
Screw capacity Approx. 300cc
Accessories and bundled items Instruction Manual, AC adapter, hex wrench, adjusting screwdriver, earth wire