SS Series

Micro-Screw Feeder Slim Screw Feeder

Supports screws as small as S0.5 Super-thin 55mm width is ideal for cell work


Supported Screw diameter (mm) SS Series
Main Component Type Swap Rail Set Type
1.0 SS-1210 WR10
1.2 SS-1212 WR12
1.4 SS-1214 WR14
1.7 SS-1217 WR17
2.0 SS-1220 WR20
2.3 SS-2323 WR23
2.6 SS-2326 WR26
3.0 SS-2330 WR30


Model Name SS-12 SS-23
Exterior Dimensions 55(W)x205(D)x143(H)
Volume (including the rail) Approx. 2.4kgf
Power AC100V – 240V DC15V 1A AC adapter
Drive Motor DC Brush motor
Overload protection/ recovery circuit o o
Supported Screw Diameter M1.0 – M2.0 M2.3 – M3.0
Supported screw under-head length Up to 16mm in length
Screw capacity Approx. 40cc
Accessories and bundled items Instruction Manual, AC adapter, hex wrench, adjusting screwdriver, earth wire