Nozzle type Air ionizer

Ultra-low air consumption model

Power and Signal cable (attached with ZappII)


Model Zapp -L
Input power supply DC+24 V ±10%
Electric consumption 2.4 VA
Output voltage AC 2,000 V
Discharge method High Frequency AC Corona discharge method
Ion balance Below ±15V (Distance at 50mm)
Alarm output MOS FET Relay, Normally Opened and Closed contact (NO/NC)
Maximum current: 100mA, Voltage: Below 30VDC
Cleaning Check output MOS FET Relay, Normally Opened contact (NO) (C.C)
Maximum current: 100mA, Voltage: Below 30VDC.
Discharge stop input (HV-OFF) Discharge off: Short circuit to 0V, Discharge on: Open circuit (remained voltage below0.5V)
Supplied Air Clean Dried Air
Available air pressure 0.005 ~ 0.1MPa
Airflow supply Maximum 50 ℓ/min (ANR)
Ozone level Below 0.1ppm (Supplied air: 30 ℓ/min (ANR) at 50mm) *2
Guaranteed operating temperature 10 to 40 ℃  
Guaranteed operating humidity 65%RH or less with no condensation
Main unit dimensions 87×18×50mm (W×H×D) only body size
Weight Approx. 78g
Accompanying items Manual, Power supply cable (2.5m)
Nozzle is optional.
*2: Under some environment condition, it sometime makes more high-level Ozone, we recommend to use ozone-resistant materials around the tip of nozzle.


Dimensional Diagram


Notice: The adjustment of ZappII-L is not same as ZappII, so it cannot use with standard optional nozzles.


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