Station Unit
Model U107-ST
Input Power * AC230V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 80W
Output Voltage AC24V
Outline Dimensions 95 (W) x 85 (H) x 170 (D)
Weight 2.5kg
Temperature Accuracy Unloaded Ripple Amplitude ±3°C
* AC100V, AC115V types are also available


Model U107S-HD(S) / U107M-HD(M) / U107LII-HD(L)
Heater Power 50W(S) / 70W(M) / 90W(L)
Tip-to-Ground Resistance Less than 2ꭥ
Tip-to-Ground Potential Less than 2mV
Cord 1.2m
Full Length 215mm(S) / 225mm(M) / 255mm(L)
Weight * 50g(S) / 70g(M) / 100g(L)
Sensor K type (CA Sensor)
* Weight of soldering iron for nitrogen gas model is 70g for 50W(S) or 90g for 70W(M). Nitrogen gas handpiece for 90W is NOT available











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