Soldering Controller UNIX-DF204S DF-UPC-12S
UNIX-DF304S/404S Incorporated into the main body
Soldering Head UNIX-DF204S Point Type: choose from UMC-093A-BHS/UMC-093A-BHL
Linear Type (option): choose from UMC-093AS-BHS/UMC-093AS-BHL
UNIX-DF304S/404S Choose from UMC-090-BHS/UMC-090-BHL
Solder Feeder UNIX-DF204S Choose from UPM-057/UPM-057CC
UNIX-DF304S/404S Choose from UPM-056/UPM-056CC
Iron Tip Cleaner with Vacuum Function Standard: UJC-214CWII/ Lock-on: UJC-214CWII (0°)/L10 (10°)
Lock-on Mechanism (Unix-DF304S/404S) * Model number differs depending upon specification
Tube Set Model number differs depending on solder diameter used
Switch Box DF-SBU (cable length is 1.5m)
Teaching Pendant DF-TPU (cable length is 2m)
PC Software DF Editor SJ (Japanese) / DF Editor SE (English)
*Optional on the UNIX-DF-204S



Number of Axes 4 standard axes, 2 additional axes (optional), for up to 6 simultaneously controlled axes
Range of movement X-axis 200mm 300mm 400mm
Y-axis 250mm 320mm 400mm
Z-axis 50mm 100mm 100mm
R-axis ±360° ±360° ±360°
Max. transportable mass (workpiece) 7kg 15kg 15kg
Max. Speed *¹ (PTP) X-axis, Y-axis 600mm/sec 900mm/sec 900mm/sec
Z-axis 250mm/sec 400mm/sec 400mm/sec
R-axis 600°/sec 900°/sec 900°/sec
Max. CP Speed *¹ (CP) 600mm/sec 850mm/sec 850mm/sec
Repeating position accuracy *² X-axis, Y-axis ±0.01mm
Z-axis ±0.01mm
R-axis ±0.008°
Workpiece size (max. jig dimension) 200x210mm 300x275mm 400x365mm
Position instruction system Remote teaching or numerical input
Teaching configuration Direct teaching using the teaching pendant/ Offline teaching from personal computer using PC software
Program Capacity Max. 999 programs
Point capacity *³ Max. 32,000 points
Drive Method 5-phase stepping motor drive
Control Method PTP control, CP control
Interpolating functions 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolation
External Internal I/O-SYS specialized input/output (16 points each)
I/O-1 general input/output (8 points each) *⁴
I/O-MT/ I/O-S I/O-MT: For external monitor control (optional) *⁴
I/O-1: for interlock device connection
I/O-A / I/O-B / I/O-C I/O-A: For air cleaner connection
I/O-B: for brush cleaner connection (optional)
I/O-C: for position correction unit connection (optional
COM1 RS-232C (for external device control and COM commands)
COM2 RS-232C (for external device control)
COM3 For soldering controller connection RS-232C (for external device connection)
COM4 RS-232C (for external device control)
MEMORY For USB memory connection
LAN *⁵ For Ethernet connection
Simple PLC Function Max. 100 programs, max. 1000 steps per programs
Number of soldering conditions 255 conditions
Iron tip temperature control range 200-450°C
Heater alarm value Configure upper temperature deviation limit: 5°C to 99°C /Configure lower temperature deviation limit: -5°C to -99°C
Heater Power 250W: Cross Heater LS / Cross Heater L
Applicable solder diameter *⁶ Ø0.3 – Ø1.2 (Standard) / Ø0.5 – Ø1.0 (Clean Cut Type)
Alarm indicator disconnect heater / disconnected temperature sensor / solder clog, etc.
External Dimension (WxDxH) 413x387x714(mm) 560x575x934 (mm) 584x635x934(mm)
Power Supply *⁷ AC 100-120V 50/60Hz 480W(VA) / AC220-240V 50/60Hz 480W (VA)
Air Dry air, 0.5 Mpa (mzx) Ø6joint
Operating Temperature 5-40°C
Relative Humidity 45-85% (non-condensing)
Weight Approx. 35kg Approx. 45kg Approx. 52kg
*¹ the maximum speed will change depending on the conditions. Note that the maximum speed will not be achieved at the maximum transportable mass settings
*² the repeating position accuracy only applies to situations where the main unit temperature is constant. Note that is does not guarantee the absolute position
*³ Since the memory capacity is shared, the quantity of point data that can be stored will be reduced if the point attribute data, point work data and/or PLC program data increase
*⁴ with UNIX-DF204S, control can only be performed with either I/O-1 or I/O-MT. Note that they cannot both be used at the same time
*⁵ The Ethernet connection will be 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
*⁶ Since there may be cases where applicable solder diameter cannot be used depending on the manufacturer or materials to be used, it is strongly recommended to conduct a test in advance for confirmation
*⁷ When using a power supply voltage of AC220-240V, an optional power unit assembly must be connected. The power consumption will change depending on the heater type. The values shown indicate the maximum power consumption









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