(max torque)

10 in-lbs, 25 in-lbs, 100 in-lbs, 250 in-lbs, 100 ft-lbs
Accuracy  ± 0.5% of reading @ 20–100% full scale
±1% of reading @ 10–20% full scale
Maximum Overload 150% of full scale
Battery 3.7V Li-ion, 4400mAH
8 hrs continuous runtime
AC Adapter / Charger Input: 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 5 VDC, center positive

(L x W x H)

229 x 102 x 80 mm
9 x 4 x 3.13 in
Weight 2.7 kg / 6 lbs
Included with each tester AC Adapter, Carrying Case, User Manual, Calibration Certificate, Rundown Joint*
*Rundown joint is not included with DRTQ-100-f, sold separately


Each DRTQ Torque Tester is

dead-weight calibrated with

certified mass standards and

arms to verify conformance to

the stated accuracy of ±0.5% of

indicated value (from 20-100%

of full scale).

A calibration certificate is included with each tester.

DRTQ Torque Tester Models
Model Number Torque Range Input Drive (female)
DRTQ-160-z 16.00–160.00 in-oz 0.11–1.13 Nm 1/4” square
DRTQ-10-i 1.00–10.00 in-lbs 0.11–1.13 Nm 1/4” square
DRTQ-25-i 2.50–25.00 in-lbs 0.28–2.82 Nm 1/4” square
DRTQ-100-i 10.00–100.00 in-lbs 1.13–11.30 Nm 1/4” square
DRTQ-250-i 25.00–250.00 in-lbs 2.82–28.25 Nm 3/8” square
DRTQ-100-f 10.00–100.00 ft-lbs 13.56–135.58 Nm 1/2” square


DRTQ Accessories
Part Number Description
DRTQ-MOUNT-HT Reaction collar for bench mounting
DRTQ-RDA-1/4* 1/4” sq.dr. joint simulator
DRTQ-RDA-3/8 3/8” sq.dr. joint simulator (250 in-lbs / 28 Nm max)
DRTQ-RDA-1/2-100NM 1/2” sq.dr. joint simulator (74 ft-lbs / 100 Nm max)
DRTQ-ELEC3050 AC Adapter, 100–240VAC input / 5VDC output USB
*Add ‘-10i’, ‘-25i’, or ‘-100i’ to end of model number to specify hardness of joint (as configured by default)
• CE Compliant

• Full colour LCD touch screen

• Processes statistical calculations: CP, CPK, Sigma

• On screen statistics: Torque calculator and graphing for performance analysis

• Export data directly to an SD card

• Automatic screen rotation (level sensor flips screen between vertical and horizontal mode)

• ‘Quick Run’ mode provides the ability to quickly audit and verify a tool

• ‘Measure Mode’ allows users to establish acceptable tolerances — eight configurable torque test profiles available

• Eight available measurement units: in-oz, in-lbs, ft-lbs, Nm, cNm, Kgf Cm, Gf Cm, Kgf m

• Li-ion technology provides extended battery life

• Battery saving features: Sleep Mode, Back Light Timer, Automatic Shutdown

• Peak mode: For use with manual, electric, pneumatic, and cordless torque-controlled tools (not for use with impact tools)

• Track Mode: For use with dial or electronic torque wrenches

• Advanced user programmable options: Auto Clear, Date/Time, Peak Time, Screen Brightness

• 2-year warranty

• Made in North America



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