Main Features

OAGIII-CB control the power supply and Air supply for AGZIII gun with connecting outside signal (sensor, foot switch, and other switch) and the pulsed air control.


Model OAG-CB
Available model AGZⅢ
Power Voltage 24 VDC (with AC adaptor AC100~240V use AGZⅢ adaptor)
Electric Consumption 0.2A (with AGZⅢ gun)
Indication Green: Supply the power and Air to AGZⅢ
Supply Air Clean and Dried air
Available air pressure 0.05MPa~0.7MPa
Maximum air consumption 500ℓ/min (ANR) only Contoller
Air output control CONT: Continuously blow, PULSE Hi: High Pulse blow (10Hz), PULSE Lo: Low Pulse blow (5Hz) *5
Input control Open the INPUT port: Start to work, Close the INPUT port: Stop to work.
Available Environment 0 to 40℃ /85%RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions 135×55×75 mm (W×H×D) exc. protrusions.
Weight Approx. 490g
Accessories Connecting cable with AC adaptor (2m), Connecting cable with AGZⅢ (0.3m), grounding cable, Air tubing (Φ6mm x 3m), Operation manual,
*5: The life time of electric valve in the controller is below 50 million times

Flat nozzle for AGZIII


Brush for AGZIII

This is the optional part for brushing off the dust.

Three kinds of size of brush

*OAG-BRS-1: nylon brush

diameter φ0.1

*OAG-BRS-2: nylon brush

diameter φ0.2

*OAG-BRS-3: nylon brush

diameter φ0.3 Available for AGZ/ANZ series





Discharge Needle for AGZIII


Extension Cable for AGZIII






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