Model DP
Signal detection method Oscillating chopper *1
Plate Size 70×32 mm (IEC standard 150×150 mm)
Plate Capacity 12pF ±1pF
Measuring Accuracy ±10%rdg ± 2 digit
Measuring Voltage Range 0~±1999 V
Measuring Time range 0.0 to 99.9 sec
Angle of Rotary head 180 degree (hold each 45 degree)
Battery Check Indicate in LCD indicator
Power Supply Two 1.5V DC AA-type alkaline battery or AC adapter
Weight 240 g
Main Unit Dimensions 70×174×31 mm (W×H×D)
Accessories 1.5V DC AA-type battery (2 pcs), Soft case, Grounding cable
Operation Environment 0~40℃ *2
Optional Part AC Adapter (ODP-DA) for AC100 to 240V
*1: The oscillation chopper is very susceptible to shock such as being dropped. Take care not to subject it to strong shock when using it.
*2: Under high humidity environment as over 85% humidity, it will cause the problem to charge the high voltage onto the plate

Dimensional Diagram


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